First double victory for Benjamin Berta (HUN)

Drexler - Automotive Formula Cup - Imola (ITA)

At the 2nd round of the Drexler Formula Cup in Imola Benjamin Berta (Franz Wöss Racing) was able to impressively convince in both races and underline his race victory from Mugello. After the Hungarian kept the competition behind him in qualifying with the fastest lap in 1:39.952 min, he left no doubt in race 1 on the 4.909-kilometer race track in Imola that victory would only go his way.

Berta took the lead at the start of the 25-minute sprint race, followed by Francesco Galli (G Motorsport), Bernardo Pellegrini (HT Powerteam), and Juju Noda (Noda Racing), Marco Falci and Sandro Zeller (Jo Zeller Racing). After the first lap Berta already had a minimal lead. Behind him, there was a hard fight for the other places. On the third lap, after a spin, Marco Rinaldi put his Dallara into the gravel and Marco Falci's engine started to catch fire. This necessitated a safety car phase, which neutralized the race for about six minutes. A good nine minutes before the finish, the race director reopened the race. Benjamin Berta completed a flawless re-start and took the lead. While Pellegrini now had to deal with Juju Noda, Sandro Zeller took his chance to pass Francesco Galli on the start/finish line. After that, a three-way battle developed that was well worth seeing, with Pellegrini increasingly having to fend off Noda's attacks. Benjamin Berta held his advantage to the finish and won by 2.919 seconds ahead of Bernardo Pellegrini, who was able to relegate Juju Noda to third place by 0.554 seconds. Sandro Zeller was unable to get past the Japanese rider and missed the podium by 0.486 seconds. Fifth place went to Francesco Galli, who won ahead of his compatriots Dino Rasero and Riccardo Perego. This result and the close time gaps at the top of the field were to be expected after qualifying. For the 2nd race Benjamin Berta had secured the best starting position with the pole position. At the start, the Hungarian made no mistake and sat in front of Sandro Zeller. When the field of 34 racing cars had positioned itself, the first safety car phase came after eight minutes because Dino Rasero sank his Dallara in the gravel bed. Berta won the restart again against Sandro Zeller with a great maneuver. Both managed to gain a few meters on third-placed Ricardo Perego. These pilots now clearly dominated the race. Juju Noda started the race from 34th place on the grid and made a furious recovery, which brought her up to 13th place before the safety car phase. Before the start, she had made a mistake in the time slot when entering the grid. But that didn't stop Noda from putting in a remarkable performance. In the course of the race, the Japanese put all her eggs in one basket and attacked Peregio, who had lost third place to Pellegrini. Seven minutes before the chequered flag fell, the next safety car phase occurred. Stig Larsen parked his Dallara on the curbs and Mei Shibi had torn off his front left wheel after a collision. When the race was reopened 1:48 min before the end, Berta defended his lead against Sandro Zeller all the way to the finish and won by a margin of 2.599 seconds. Bernardo Pellegrini saved his third place with his last strength. Juju Noda was literally breathing down the Italian's neck and missed the podium by 0.062 seconds. The Drexler Formula Cup will be held in Hungary next weekend. The Hungaroring will be the venue for the third round from 28-30 April.

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