TopJet becomes Zinox Laser

Drexler-Automotive Formula Cup

The Italian F2000 Trophy has a new title partner. For many years racing Formula 3 under the name TopJet F2000 Trohpy, a partnership agreement has now been signed with the company Zinox Laser. For series manager Piero Longhi, this is another milestone in developing Formula racing in Italy and giving Formula 3, as well as Formula Renault, an attractive stage. Drexler Formula Cup will continue to work with Piero Longhi. "Nothing stands in the way of our partnership with the Zinox Laser F2000 Trophy. We are looking forward to the joint races in Italy, which will also be televised in 2023," says coordinator Franz Wöss. Zinox Laser has been active in the thin sheet industry for 15 years. It has made a name for itself manufacturing stainless steel components for Italian and foreign groups.

Press Drexler Formula Cup

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